Curated by the Ljubljana Alternative Tours team, PlastikFantastik is a long-term project popping up in the form of unique interventions at various urban and rural locations.

PlastikFantastik employs spray painting in a rather unconventional yet creative way: it substitutes immobile walls with transparent plastic foil, stretching it between poles or trees to create a working surface. The foil is then put at the mercy of all kinds of colourful interventions of passersby and local weather. Obviously spray cans are made available on the site to whomever wishes to express a creative idea or a political statement.

PlastikFantastik is a blitzkrieg class on direct engagement, active citizenship and spontaneous creativity.  Here, alien graffiti are temporarily parasitizing on an outdoor space, establishing a relationship with surrounding architecture, landscape, trees, bicycle lanes, crossings, billboards, etc. This process creates new images, new narratives, new spaces, and new connections between all these elements.

PlastikFantastik can be a mere game. Yet it can also be taken very seriously. The project simultaneously praises and laments over the fundamental trait of graffiti  – ephemeralness. The brevity of graffiti as a medium is exposed by choosing the short-lived plastic surface upon which graffiti are painted and by making the project last for a rather short time.

PlastikFantastik juggles with and contemplates the outcomes of political communication. It asks about political slogans that persist and the ones that are washed away. It asks what modes of political communication and creative expression can actually make a permanent mark in the era of Brexit and Donnie Trump. The answers provided will always be site-specific and inevitably surprising.

PlastikFantastik wraps things up. It’s up to you whether or not you want to unwrap them.

For a local application of PlastikFantastik please contact us!

Video: Jan Drozg, Kinodvor; Music: .čunfa - 1 (I)
Photos: Domen Pal